Doug Bird

Director, Comparative Wests Project
2011 - Present
Senior Research Scientist
Office: (650) 723-1064
Mobile: (650) 283-6853

B.S. Anthropology, University of Utah (1991)

Ph.D. Anthropology, University of California, Davis (1996)

Doug Bird works on resource use ecology, ethnoarchaeology and questions surrounding livelihoods and land use in Australia and Western North America. His research focuses on understanding factors that influence variability in resource use practices among people that rely heavily on foraging. He studies the dynamic relationships between subsistence decisions, social relationships, their material signatures and conservation consequences. Doug is co-director of a long-term collaborative project with indigenous communities in Australia's Western Desert, investigating contemporary and pre-colonial land use, fire treatment, hunting decisions, and their implications for spatial and temporal diversity in domestic and biotic organization. He is currently organizing an international collaboration of Indigenous people in California and Australia to work on a range of problems related to the socio-ecology of cultural resources and burning practices.


Bill Lane Center for the American West

Department of Anthropology